Megaproductive was built to naturally fit into your daily workflow, and integrate with the apps that are part of that workflow, taking their strengths and creating a more seamless experience. The following apps and services are currently supported.


By connecting your Evernote account, you will be able to assign notes to items, and notebooks to smartlists. New notes can be created straight from Megaproductive, and tags from both apps can be synced.


By connecting your Dropbox account to your Megaproductive account, you will be able to assign files to items and smartlists. And we'll soon introduce a new feature that lets you upload new files to Dropbox directly from Megaproductive.


One of Megaproductive's social features is a dedicated Slack workspace where you can interact with other users. It is fully integrated with the Megaproductive app, and offers slash commands to create and complete items from within the workspace.


Currently in development. You'll soon be able to connect your Gmail account to Megaproductive. Any message you star will be synced to Megaproductive, and can be turned into an (actionable or reference) item.


If you have a Makerlog account, it's possible to 'crosspost' any Megaproductive items you complete to Makerlog. Just tell us which tags to monitor, and any item you complete containing either of these tags will be posted as 'done' to Makerlog.

Calendar apps

Megaproductive offers a calendar feed (in ICS format) you can subscribe to with most common calendar apps. It contains all scheduled items, so you'll always know what needs to get done on any given day.