Frequently Asked Questions


What differentiates Megaproductive from other productivity/todo apps?

There are several key features that differentiate Megaproductive from similar apps. For one, the use of smartlists (which are essentially saved searches based on keywords, tags, and advanced search filters), as opposed to projects (which are often too linear and limited in use). Another thing is the way Megaproductive really sort of guides you through your productive day, and helps you identify the things that actually need to get done. Last but not least: portability and integration. Megaproductive was built to fit into your workflow, hook into and export to your existing apps, and provides an API to interact with your account, items, and smartlists.

Seriously, why should I ditch <insert product name here> for Megaproductive?

You shouldn't! Megaproductive should fit into your workflow, and aims to integrate with the apps and services you're already used to working with.

Is Megaproductive free?

Yes! Like I stated before, Megaproductive started out as a personal project, but as someone who advocates productivity and personal development, I decided to make it available to the public. However, should this grow to become more than just a side project, I might introduce a paid plan that offers additional features.

Is there a mobile app for iOS / Android?

Natively, no. Megaproductive has been designed with a mobile-first approach, and should work well as a mobile web app. But, again, if Megaproductive grows to become more than just a side project, a dedicated mobile app will be definitely in the cards.