Search filters

Featured here is a complete list of all search filters. These can be used when searching for items, and also as part of a smartlist query.

Filter items by (type of) URL

has:url Items containing a URL
has:evernote Items containing an Evernote note link
has:gmail Items containing a Gmail email link
has:googlesheets Items containing a Google Sheets document link
has:googledrive Items containing a Google Drive link
has:dropbox Items containing a Dropbox link
has:facebook Items containing a Facebook link
has:youtube Items containing a YouTube link
has:github Items containing a GitHub link
has:megaproductive Items containing a Megaproductive link

Filter items by state

is:starred Starred items
is:unstarred Unstarred items
is:saved Items saved for reference
is:unsaved Items not saved for reference
is:scheduled Scheduled items
is:unscheduled Unscheduled items
is:overdue Overdue items
is:someday Someday/maybe items
is:completed Completed items

Filter items by date scheduled

scheduled:today Items scheduled today
scheduled:tomorrow Items scheduled tomorrow
scheduled:thisweek Items scheduled this week
scheduled:nextweek Items scheduled next week
scheduled:week4 Items scheduled in week 4 of the current year
scheduled:20220128 (yyyymmdd) Items scheduled on day 28-01-2022
scheduled:202201 (yyyymm) Items scheduled in month 01-2022
scheduled:2022 (yyyy) Items scheduled in year 2022
scheduled:day-3 Items scheduled in the last 3 days

Filter items by date created

created:today Items created today
created:thisweek Items created this week
created:week4 Items created in week 4 of the current year
created:20220128 (yyyymmdd) Items created on day 28-01-2022
created:202201 (yyyymm) Items created in month 01-2022
created:2022 (yyyy) Items created in year 2022
created:day-3 Items created in the last 3 days

Filter items by date updated

updated:today Items updated today
updated:thisweek Items updated this week
updated:week4 Items updated in week 4 of the current year
updated:20220128 (yyyymmdd) Items updated on day 28-01-2022
updated:202201 (yyyymm) Items updated in month 01-2022
updated:2022 (yyyy) Items updated in year 2022
updated:day-3 Items updated in the last 3 days

Filter items by date completed

completed:today Items completed today
completed:thisweek Items completed this week
completed:week4 Items completed in week 4 of the current year
completed:20220128 (yyyymmdd) Items completed on day 28-01-2022
completed:202201 (yyyymm) Items completed in month 01-2022
completed:2022 (yyyy) Items completed in year 2022
completed:day-3 Items completed in the last 3 days